Minecraft: Better Together Update Review

This is my review for the update that came out on September the 20th! Basics You can update by going to your app store and click update, Then you'll see this when you launch the app! Its good to read the stuff, and yes Coarse Dirt rocks! as well as the Parrots! When you open... Continue Reading →


How To Build a Beach Home

Hello! Welcome to another post of mine! Here is how to build a beach house and I'll teach you! Lets Start! 🙂   Step 1: Find a spot for your beach house! I found this nice spot close to the water in 1.11! Step 2: Choose your materials! For this beach house, I'm gonna use:... Continue Reading →

How To Build a Horse Stable!

Hello! here is how to build a horse stable! 1. You'll need a lot of Blocks! Cobblestone: for the base Mossy Cobblestone: for decor Cobblestone Stairs: for more room Oak Fences: for holding up the stable Torched: to light up the place Podzol: for the track 2. Build a 5x5 Square of Cobblestone. 3. Build... Continue Reading →

How To Build A Fishing House!

Hello!  I'll teach you how to build a Fishing House! We are teaching in steps as usual! Make a new world and look around it, see any water? If successful, you might find an ocean or something like this below: 2. Now get these materials in this small list: Cobblestone: For building the roof and... Continue Reading →

How to Build an Archery Tower!

Hello! Here is how to build an Archery Tower! First You Will need... Cracked Stone Bricks Stone Bricks Stone Bricks Slab Mossy Stone Bricks Glass Pane Iron Door Stone Button Lets Get Building! 1. Start by Making an 11x11 Circle 2. Dig One block down in the middle of a line of 5 blocks, put... Continue Reading →

How To Build a Pig House!

Hello! Here is how to build a Pig Style House! IT EVEN HAS REAL PIGS! okay? 1. Get Your Blocks! You Need: Multiple colors of wool, (NOT CLAY) Multiple colors of glass blocks. Wooden Door Pink Carpets. 2. Make a line of pink wool that is 8 blocks long. 3. Look up an Img of a Pig... Continue Reading →

My Best 2015 Worlds!

Welcome! To my best 5 worlds and creations! these kind of posts come out in January only :O Its Released late although... 5. Tha Crazy House World! (its a nice house) 4. The House. (i made it from a book!) 3.The Minecart Subway! 2. The Survival World. 1. The Command Block Elevator! (i built it... Continue Reading →

How To Build a Snow Dome (Christmas Dome)

Hello! I am back! hope you'll like this tutorial! Before you start, you'll need: (these are estimates,  you may need more in case you actually break something accidentally) glass block, need 1500 for this project, made by smelting sand. its for the dome.  tree saplings (spruce works best), just 2 for this project, when chopping... Continue Reading →

Grave Biome, A special biome

I'm back and i will do posts whenever i can! (preferably two a week) This Biome is Special and i found it in the 1.11.0 Update of Pocket Edition. The Grave Biome, A Extremely rare Biome. The Picture Below shows it what it looks like There are only a few resources in this Biome not... Continue Reading →

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