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How to make Projectiles

Hello! You are probably wondering how do you make projectiles like the birds in angry birds or the arrows in Minecraft or Bowmasters. This shows how to make throwable bouncy balls and an arrow shooting game! Throwable Bouncy Balls Let us start with this simple code: var Ps = []; var shootmode = 0;... Continue Reading →


What is it like to code 24-Hour Minecraft?

Now, you are probably wondering on 24 Hour Minecraft. What are you adding next, are you really coding 24 hours straight and will you even finish it in the end? All questions answered here.   First off, What is being added next? Well, in the most recent second episode which you can watch here. I added AI,... Continue Reading →

After the Mars Opposition

Now, say you are like me and you want to go and stargaze on the Mars Opposition, but oh no you can't because for say, you have work to do, or you have to collimate your telescope which will take some time, or your hanging with your friends or be doing camping (You can probably... Continue Reading →

The Tumbl3 App is released!

Well, a lot of time has passed, sorry about that! I was just very busy and forgot about this site! 😦   Anyway, first of all, like the title says, I've released my second game! Tumbl3!: The game where you get squished by boulders and buy characters! There are still bugs laying around as I did... Continue Reading →

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