Oh, this is the About page. I’m Ted, and I will tell you more about me! 😀

This is me:


No! This is me!:


I am a nerdy and interesting twelve-year-old kid who loves programming!

As you can see, I do not have my glasses on, but I do usually wear them.

I am a future Indie Game Developer!

I work on Scratch with Animations and Games on my Account called PIanetNine: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/PIanetNine/



I work on Khan Academy’s Computer Programming section here: https://www.khanacademy.org/profile/planetwhiz/


And you can find me on Youtube as well! I enjoy making Minecraft videos and eventually Tutorials too!

I like Minecraft, Khan, Scratch, Astronomy, Soccer, Programming, Recording Videos, Math, My Awesome Friends, Karate and More!

I dislike Horror, Weird and Inappropriate things.

I tend to spend my time Drawing, Stargazing, Sketching, Programming, Gaming, Reviewing, Animating, Designing, and Eating!

You can use the links in the “menu” button to find me through there as well! You can contact me by Email, and send to keplerteddy@gmail.com!

Also on this Blog of mine (Get it? “Mine”?),  You will get info on Minecraft Tutorials, Minecraft Updates, My Updates, The Skies above you, Coding Tutorials, Reviews, and more!

You can comment on my blog posts for more ideas and ask me questions with the comments too! You can also tell/ask me those things with email as well!

Thanks for your time in reading this!




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