City Dashz out for Both Platforms!

Hello! We now have managed to get City Dashz out for Apple Devices too! 😀CityDashCapture1.PNG

It is sleek design for both pretty much!

The app is free to play and very addicting! It is a very good time spender! XD

Here is what people are saying!

“It played well for a while”

“This is cool. Maybe add a shop and coins?”

“It was awesome!”



CityDashCapture2.PNG You can get the game for Android at:

or by searching “City Dashz” on the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet!

Minimum version is 4.1 Jellybean or higher


You can get the game for iOS by going here: or searching up “City Dashz” in the App Store on your iPhone, iPod or iPad! Minimum version is 8.0 or higher


Future Updates

You, yes you, reading this post, get to see what I am gonna add to the app next and my other plans!

City Dashz

City Dashz 1.2/1.1 will feature coins and a shop, where you can buy Heads, Shirts and Faces! iOS 1.1 will also include Game Center Services!


Tumbl3 Android 1.1 will be featuring more icons, bug fixes and music! And Google Play services!

Tumbl3 iOS 1.0 will have all of Android 1.1 but Game Center services instead of Google Play.

Future Projects

Ninja Bus will feature nonstop arcade action, based on a Scratch program I made, it is a collab with someone. Will be finished before the end of the year. Releasing for Android and iOS. It will be free.

Rush To Crush is another collab but with a friend of mine, it plans to be an endless runner with levels. It will also be free with possible in app purchases.

Untitled Monument Food Project is an unknown project based off of a program I made in PJS. It will feature Story, 3D, and multiple levels, I have no idea when I will finish this. But sometime next year. It will be available for Steam, PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. It will cost 15$ on Steam and PC and 25$ for console.


Thanks for reading!




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