Do you have some money you want to give away? Why not give it away to me? I spend quite a bit of effort on my Discord Bot, Blog Posts and Videos!

Here are the Donator ranks!

Basic Donator

For one dollar, you can get:

  • The Diamond Pickaxe (Donator Pickaxe coming soon)
  • Donator Role on The Kepler Bot Official Server
  • Get your name at the end of my videos for one week (Coming soon)
  • You get twice the amount of XP as you usually do! (Coming soon)

Basic Donation

The Basic Donator Role gives you stuff on The Kepler Bot and you get your name at the end of my video!


Silver Donator

You get all of the things from Basic Donator plus:

  • All Basic Donator Perks
  • Epic Donator Role on TheKeplerProponent
  • Get your name under Silver Donators for one month!

Silver Donation

Gives you Basic Donation stuff plus longer advertisement and an Epic Donator role!


Gold Donation

This is for the rich! Get all things from Silver Donation plus:

  • All Silver Donaton Perks
  • Your own chat channel that you can invite whoever you want in TheKeplerProponent
  • Get your name under Gold Donators for six month!
  • You have twice the chance for any giveaways I host.

Gold Donation

Gives you Silver Donation stuff plus your own VIP Chat Channel, even more advertisement time. And you become luckier!


Platinum Donation

Ooh the biggest one! Gives you all Gold Donation perks plus:

  • Gold Donation Perks
  • Get your name under Platinum Donators for 1 year!
  • You get another chat channel and a voice channel all for yourself on TheKeplerProponent
  • I get to play Bedwars or another Hypixel game with you, or you get some coding lessons!

Platinum Donation

Gives you Gold Donation perks plus more free stuff, and some fun times with me!


Thanks a lot for Donating if you do! It really helps me and plus, you get a lot of stuff! 😀