Do you have some money you want to give away? Why not give it away to me? I spend quite a bit of effort on my Discord Bot, Blog Posts and Videos!

Here are the Donator ranks!

Basic Donator

For one dollar, you can get:

  • The Diamond Pickaxe (Donator Pickaxe coming soon)
  • Donator Role on The Kepler Bot Official Server
  • Get your name at the end of my videos for one week (Coming soon)
  • You get twice the amount of XP as you usually do! (Coming soon)

Silver Donator

You get all of the things from Basic Donator plus:

  • All Basic Donator Perks
  • Epic Donator Role on TheKeplerProponent
  • Get your name under Silver Donators for one month!

Gold Donation

This is for the rich! Get all things from Silver Donation plus:

  • All Silver Donaton Perks
  • Your own chat channel that you can invite whoever you want in TheKeplerProponent
  • Get your name under Gold Donators for six month!
  • You have twice the chance for any giveaways I host.

Platinum Donation

Ooh the biggest one! Gives you all Gold Donation perks plus:

  • Gold Donation Perks
  • Get your name under Platinum Donators for 1 year!
  • You get another chat channel and a voice channel all for yourself on TheKeplerProponent
  • I get to play Bedwars or another Hypixel game with you, or you get some coding lessons!

Thanks a lot for Donating if you do! It really helps me and plus, you get a lot of stuff! 😀