The Kepler Bot

Do you want an awesome bot that is updated every now and then on YOUR Discord server?

Well then get The Kepler Bot! It does many cool things like:

Epic Mining Environments!

Sure, we have text mining, where it says the amount of stuff you got. But that’s so last year! The Kepler Bot brings you to a new 2D Environment filled with the ores you know and love!

Advanced looking Inventories!

Want a cool looking Experience bar? This Inventory has got it, Simple as required so it doesn’t get confusing!

Become the Top Miner!

Mining is fun, but it needs competition! Try and get yourself on the tippity-top of the leaderboard! Leaderboard is sorted by level!

Mine with friends!

Everyone mines by themselves, But have you thought of MINING WITH YOUR FRIENDS? I have, so I added this multiplayer arena so people can mine together! Friendship is key to a great time! Try getting the ores before everyone else does!

Your data is saved!

Data is saved every hour so no progress should be lost! I’m currently self hosting but I will be getting a friend to host it 24/7!

Get the Kepler Bot for your server!

You can invite The Kepler Bot to your server by clicking this beautiful link!

You can also go to the official Kepler Bot server by clicking this link!

The Kepler Bot will be available on Disboard very soon!

Command list:

Command prefix is kb!

  • help [page] – Displays the help on a certain page! Any page above the maximum number will go to the first page
  • flip – Flips a coin on heads or tails
  • dice – Rolls a six sided dice
  • pickfrom [maximum number] – Picks a number between 0 and the maximum number provided
  • about – Info on The Kepler Bot and who created it
  • invite – Invite The Kepler Bot to your server!
  • mine [direction] – Mines a block in the direction specified, either up, down, left or right.
  • inv – Checks your inventory
  • regenland – Regenerates your mining land!
  • backup – backups all data in an array to my console.
  • craft – Crafts the next pickaxe if you have 60 or more of the required material
  • multimine [direction/recreate] – Like the mine command but its in the multiplayer arena. direction does the same thing and the recreate command regenerates the multiplayer land
  • top – Top 10 users sorted by level!


Donating to KeplerTeddy gives you these things!

Donating 1$ USD will get you:

  • The Diamond Pickaxe (Donator Pickaxe coming soon)
  • Donator Role on The Kepler Bot Official Server
  • Get your name at the end of my videos for one week (Coming soon)
  • You get twice the amount of XP as you usually do! (Coming soon)

Please get your parent or guardians permission if you are under the age of 18.

For proof, after buying this item, send me an email at with your discord name so I can give you the stuff!
It may take some time so be patient!