How To Build A Fishing House!

Hello!  I’ll teach you how to build a Fishing House!

We are teaching in steps as usual!

  1. Make a new world and look around it, see any water? If successful, you might find an ocean or something like this below:


2. Now get these materials in this small list:

  • Cobblestone: For building the roof and base
  • Wood Planks: For building the walls and floor of the fishing house.
  • Cobblestone Stairs: For building the basic roof
  • Glass Pane: For making windows!
  • Door: For a door, what do you think?
  • Cobblestone Wall: for safety.
  • Cobblestone Stairs: for the roof
  • Torches: for light
  • Fishing rods: to fish
  • Chest: to store the fishing rods
  • Pictures: optional but nice
  • Beds: to sleep
  • Signs: used to tell stuff
    • Amour stand: holding the amour,
    • Amour: goes on the amour stand
    • Steve Head: the top


3. Now to make the frame, make short ‘L’ shapes and turn them 90 degrees each                     time, they also must be 6 blocks apart from each of its neighbors like in the picture              below, make sure you’re using cobblestone.


4. Now fill in those blank edges with wood planks and break two in the middle for a               door, like below in the picture:


5. Switch to cobblestone again and stack up those cobblestone blocks until in total                 they are four blocks high! Now place wood planks at the top again.


6.  Fill in the back wall with wood planks and the other two walls with glass panes.                 The front wall with wood planks and leave a spot for the door.


7. Dig up the grass inside and replace it with your wood planks.


8. Now fill in those holes in the walls with glass panes, not the door hole though.


9. Fill in the ceiling with cobblestone!


10. Wow we are already on step 10! Add more cobblestone on top and cobblestone stairs for the edges!


This is what it looks like inside below!


11. Oh yeah, i almost…. forgot! put the two doors in the door hole!


Ah yes seems dark in here, we’ll fix that! Quick it’s getting nighttime!


12.add torches on the edges of the wood on the front and back wall!


13. What would a fishing house be without a fishing rod chest? lets add that!


14. make a 4×2 hole on the left side or whatever side the water is. Add a 9-12 long, 4 blocks wide cobblestone path away from the fishing place down in the water. Add cobblestone and cobblestone walls to make it safe and torches so you can fish at night!


15. Now you can decorate, add item frames with fishing rods, pictures, beds and much more!


This is what the finishing fishing house looks like, step 16 is optional, if you want it to look old or abandoned, replace some of the cobblestone with mossy cobblestone, or wear out most of the fishing rods, you can also tilt the fishing rods, you can also add vines or take out some of the torches, its your decision!


16. If you want you can add an amour stand and put a Steve head (or some other head) with some leather or other amour on it, then a sign to say when he was best.


Enjoy your fishing house and happy fishing! What will you find today? (P.S CUT!!!!!!!!!! squid in the picture, what?) good luck!



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