How To Build a Horse Stable!

Hello! here is how to build a horse stable!

1. You’ll need a lot of Blocks!

  • Cobblestone: for the base
  • Mossy Cobblestone: for decor
  • Cobblestone Stairs: for more room
  • Oak Fences: for holding up the stable
  • Torched: to light up the place
  • Podzol: for the track


2. Build a 5×5 Square of Cobblestone.


3. Build a 5x3x5 hollow box of Cobblestone with no roof,  then you add 5×4 blocks for the roof, the inside should be hollow. Put Down two doors on the sides and a trapdoor in the middle, Leave the floor grassy. Add a 5×3 path too!


4. This is a hard step everyone! Replace the Cobblestone on top of the doors with Upside-Down Cobblestone Stairs!


5. Replace the second Door and the Cobblestone Stair block on top of it with normal Cobblestone.


6. Replace some of the Cobblestone with Mossy Cobblestone!


7. Now add as many pens as you’d like! you can clone or use a mod. but since this is small, it shouldn’t be too hard to copy, still randomize with Mossy Cobblestone though.


8. Add Torches for light outside and inside! Add Signs for the names of your future horses.


9. Add an overhang with Fences supporting it.


10. Now design your track with Podzol!


11. Add your fair Horses! Also add decor!

If you want a horse here are two things you can do:

A: Find a horse egg in the creative inventory.

B: Look for one in survival. They can be found in Savanna and Plains Biomes.

Now if you want to tame your horse, repeatedly ride it until red pixelated hearts pop up, press your Inventory key and your horses inventory should pop up,

Horses can carry a Saddle and Horse Armour while Donkeys can only carry Saddles. Mules, which can be made by breeding a Donkey with a Horse can Carry a chest instead of Armour.


Here is one of my horses named “Paint”!


Here I go, Riding in the night!


To ride your horse, hold W to move forward, moving the mouse around will also change the horse’s direction.

when you ride a horse, a bar will pop up, when you hold space, the bar will fill up and then down, if you get the bar in the green area, then the horse can jump 2 blocks! otherwise it will jump lower like 1.75, 1.5, 1.3 and so on.

The animal hearts on top of the bar is the horse’s health.

Like you, horses will lose health by drowning, burning, falling, weapon attacks, suffocating and more.

Horses also have random speeds and amounts of health.


Well that’s it for today and happy horses! Try customizing and breeding horses and race your friends around the track! Add jumps with fences to make it harder!


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