Grave Biome, A special biome

I’m back and i will do posts whenever i can! (preferably two a week)

This Biome is Special and i found it in the 1.11.0 Update of Pocket Edition. The Grave Biome, A Extremely rare Biome. The Picture Below shows it what it looks like

IMG_2790There are only a few resources in this Biome not counting underground

  • Stone
  • Gravel
  • Dirt
  • Coal (Sometimes)
  • Iron (Rare)

The picture below shows the blocks you will find in this Biome not counting the torch

IMG_2791I’m sorry i can’t find the seed because

  1. I accidentally deleted minecraft off my Ipod4
  2. You’re on the next version now (it won’t work) unless your on version 1.11.0

Hope i can bring in another post sometime. Plus if you find this Biome send me the seed so other people can see it 🙂


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