How To Build a Snow Dome (Christmas Dome)

Hello! I am back!

hope you’ll like this tutorial!

Before you start, you’ll need:

(these are estimates,  you may need more in case you actually break something accidentally)

  • glass block, need 1500 for this project, made by smelting sand. its for the dome.
  •  tree saplings (spruce works best), just 2 for this project, when chopping leaves, in a 10% chance saplings will fall. for decor
  • bonemeal, 20 for this project, made by a bone from a skeleton. used to grow the spruce trees
  • grass block, need 400 for this project, obtained by a silk touch pickaxe, used for the floor unless on a grass world.
  • quartz slab, need 20 for this project, crafted from 3 quartz, used for decor
  • snow, need a lot!, found in snow biomes, to make it snowy
  • chest, 2 for this project, crafted from 8 wood planks, to hold the snow balls
  • snowballs, 128 exactly, obtained when snow dug up with shovel, for hitting each other with. (no swords here!)

now get all of those materials and start.


  1. place 6 glass blocks in a row


2. now place 4 glass blocks away and 1 ahead on both sides2015-12-24_19.15.11

3. now place 2 glass blocks away from the 4 twice then 1 glass block away twice on each side2015-12-24_19.15.39

4. now make 3 duplicates and turn them 90 degrees as you make the circle, it should kinda look like what it does below


5. now place some blocks more towards the center but still touching the other blocks!


6. add more blocks to the layer.

Layer 2


Layer 32015-12-24_19.22.23

Layer 42015-12-24_19.24.23

Layer 52015-12-24_19.26.00

Layer 62015-12-24_19.27.42

Layer 72015-12-24_19.29.16

Layer 82015-12-24_19.30.30

Layer 92015-12-24_19.32.30

Layer 10


Layer 112015-12-24_19.34.42

Layer 122015-12-24_19.35.35

Layer 132015-12-24_19.36.18

Layer 142015-12-24_19.36.38

Layer 152015-12-24_19.36.50

Okay, Its looks more like a cone but whatever.2015-12-24_19.37.20

you need to now get your hands in the dirt.


7. cut a 2×2 hole in the glass, this will make the entrance to the dome, place some grass blocks in a small strip and quartz slabs around it like in the picture2015-12-24_19.40.57

8. if your in a grassy biome, you can skip all from steps 8-9. break all the other blocks IN the dome.2015-12-24_19.46.01

9. now place grass blocks in there.2015-12-24_19.53.47

10. make a 8×8 circle and stack quartz slabs in the middle until the height of the slabs = 4 blocks high, then place water on top and you have a fountain. repeat this step on the other side. make a path before you make the second one so you know where to put it.2015-12-24_19.56.43

11. make another 8×8 circle and fill it with quartz slabs and place 2 together then place a double-chest on top of the two.2015-12-24_19.59.03

12. plant some trees on the side of the path and put lots of snow on it!2015-12-24_20.05.02

13. FINAL STEP! place half of the snowballs on the left and the other half on the right.2015-12-24_20.05.47

Now Play with a friend! snowball fight begins! play with a friend or your sister or brother or dad or mom or anybody! if you are really smart at making minigames, then you can turn this into a minigame, but then you’d have to give me credit. I might play with my sister.


Hope you liked this tutorial! please leave us a comment!

more tutorials coming soon!


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