Minecraft: Better Together Update Review

This is my review for the update that came out on September the 20th!


You can update by going to your app store and click update, Then you’ll see this when you launch the app!


Its good to read the stuff, and yes Coarse Dirt rocks! as well as the Parrots!

When you open up the menu, Minecraft’s background changes to a nice plains, forest, ocean with an island, and mountain display! The Pocket edition sign disappears (or Xbox One edition sign disappears, if on an Xbox!), and is just Minecraft.


There are a whole bunch of new skin packs and marketplace worlds! Including: Freaks and Zombies, Emoji s, Wildlife and Random Pick. As well as many more!



One important thing to list is the new servers page! To show the featured servers, I found a server on Minecraft PE Servers! Just make sure the version says 1.2, standing for the better together update number.


Then enter in your Server name and address! I chose this Build Battle server.


Now you can connect to your server! You may play with your friends and add as many servers as you need!


When you start connecting, it will display some stuff like: “Loading Resource Packs”, or something else. But remember, you’ll need an Xbox Live account to play, so sign into that.


Inventory Tweaks

Lets move on from the servers, when you load up a world, Minecraft will give you some tips on playing.


The Inventory is another key to this awesome version! Everything is displayed a bit differently, the Bricks are Building Materials, the Sword and Armor is: Weapons, Tools, Food, Redstone, and Materials. The Bed, Torch and Bucket is the Decorations section, the Ground button is World Materials, and if you have a hard time searching for things, click the Magnifying glass and search what you need!

“The Inventory is another key to this awesome version! Everything is displayed a bit differently,”

Yes, the armor slots are alone like a Zombie in a blank cave…


As you see I searched up “wh”, and I got things like White Wool, Wheat, White Carpet, and more!


This new inventory is kinda complex, but I’ll describe it for you guys. When doing an action, repeat these steps:

  1. Select the item you are going to move.
  2. Click on the place where it will go. If you click on an armor slot, the armor will move there. If you click back in the inventory, the item will disappear. If you click on an inventory slot, it will move it there.
  3. Enjoy!

Easy as pie- I mean Cake, since there is no pie in Minecraft! But there’s more!


See those plus signs by some of the items? Click it and all of the types will show, like the Wood types in Wood. Click the Monster Egg and you’ll see all of those, there are some unnecessary ones though, like when you click a piece of Gold Armor for example, it only has one item in there. You can click the minus sign to hide those extra items. Don’t forget that Recipe Book!



Enough with the boring Inventory! Lets move on to the Options! One awesome thing is this new Player Permissions button! CLICK IT!


Now you have the power to what Players can do! there are four levels:

  1. Visitor: Which turns everything off.
  2. Member: Has everything but Operator and Teleportation.
  3. Operator: Everything on.
  4. Custom: You decide whats on and off! Maybe so you can attack mobs and teleport, but can’t Build and Mine!

“Maybe so you can attack mobs and teleport, but can’t Build and Mine!”

The world would be awesome! And you couldn’t hurt the beautiful blocks!


Go out of that and you see the How To Play Button, click on it and you get info that a book could tell you!

“and you get info that a book could tell you!”

Pretty impressive, I’d read it if you are a newbie.


There are even more awesome settings, like you can stop Fire Spreading and Stop TNT from destroying your beautiful carved homes! Or be technical and turn on Coordinates and remember where you are.


And what I think!

Overall, I thought this update is pretty cool! I have never tried linking with a Xbox or Windows 10 Computer because I don’t have either yet, but I’m 100% sure it will work. If I made this update, I would’ve cleaned up the Inventory a bit. And given Potions and Redstone separate categories. But this is a good update! And thank you for your time on reading this! If you have any questions, ask me or the Mojang Team themselves!


Have extra time? Watch this cool video of me building a Stage!:


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