Lets Build a Huge Ship!

Hey there! Today, lets build a Big Ship!

Step 1: You’ll need a vast body of water, like this one!


Step 2: Materials, Materials, Materials! Below is a list of materials you’ll need!

For the Boat and Sails:

  • Wood Planks
  • Wood Planks Slab
  • White Wool
  • Red Wool
  • Oak Wood, or some other Wood.
  • Stone Slab
  • Torches (Not Shown)
  • Chests (For Holding food, Not Shown)

For the Cannons:

  • Dispensers (Not Shown)
  • Fire Charge, or any “long-range” weapon (Not Shown)
  • Wood Planks (you should already have that, just listing it here too đŸ™‚ )
  • Wood or Stone buttons


Step 3: On to building! Mark where your boat will be, this is your marker that you will build on to.


Step 4: Start making the boats hull shape, with a long thingy at the front and not the same at the back!


Step 5: Replicate the shape on both sides, destroy the Front Thingy on the side facing toward me in the camera!


Step 6: Again Replicate the blocks, but not as many (like 5-7 less) on both sides.


Step 7: Mark our boats outline!


Step 8: Mark a bit higher on the front and back.


Step 9: Switch to your wood, build at least twelve blocks high.


Step 10!: Put three wood blocks outwards both ways, build up three, outwards again with the same length as below, then build up another two.


Step 11: Build out the shape of your mast.


Step 12: fill in the mast one block ahead, sails up!


Step 13: Add another three blocks outwards (two blocks below the first mast) both ways.


Step 14: Hang up our lower and smaller second sail! you don’t need wind on this one as it may look funky.


Step 15: Repeat Steps 9 to 12 for another mast!


Step 16: Start adding wood slabs around the ship, first at the front.


Step 17: Add slabs at the rest now.


Step 18: To mark our ship, use your Red Wool for a waving flag!


OPTIONAL: If you want this to be a pirate ship, you can build a Lookout Porch of where people look out for treasure!


Step 19: Replace the slabs around the inside of the ship with Stone Slabs!


Step 20: Place down your material chest, Put the food and materials inside.


Step 21: Since there will be a lot of nighttime sailing, we must add torches around the ship. Remember that you can only put torches on full blocks, like double slabs.


If you have done a Lookout Porch, add torches all around so the watcher can see well.


Step 22: These final steps are optional but try them out anyway! Every good Ship needs a Cannon, break one of your plank blocks and replace it with a dispenser! Put your ranged weapon inside of your dispenser, now press Control and the middle mouse button on the dispenser and you’ll get a duplicate of your filled dispenser!


Step 23: Now to launch our dispenser, put a Plank block in front of the back of the dispenser and a button on the Plank block. Press it and kaboom! well, whatever you put in there, something will happen, I used Fire Charge, which is what Ghasts shoot.


Step 24: Remember when I said our Ship needed A Cannon, I meant our Ship needed EIGHT CANNONS! Just repeat the steps!


Congrats! you finished the Ship! In only 24 Steps!


Another view of the finished Ship!


Here is me! Holding a Wooden Sword and wearing a Leather Chestplate!


Here I am! Defeating undead creatures on board!


As you have noticed, the ship looks great in shaders!


Hope you had fun! Be sure to subscribe to my Blog and my YouTube for lots of tutorials! See you later!


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