The Skies This Week: Jul 19th/ Jul 25th

Hello! I am starting up a new series of posts that are released every Wednesday! Its called “The Skies This Week” and will determine what happens within a week.


First off, lets start in the Evening, in our evening (Toronto, ON. this may vary where you are), we can easily spot Jupiter a dozen minutes after sunset, in the southeast. Jupiter shines around Magnitude -1.7 on Jul 19th and Magnitude -1.66 on Jul 25th. Jupiter lands in the constellation Virgo currently. Jupiter will set at Midnight.Saturn&Pluto

A little over to the south (SSE), you’ll see Saturn, having Opposition a month ago means it will set around 3 Am. Saturn glimmers at Magnitude 0.06 on Jul 19th and Magnitude 0.1 on Jul 25th. A bit lower and more west is Pluto, at a tough Magnitude 14. Saturn is in Ophiuchus and Pluto is in Sagittarius.

Uranus and neptune

Rising at Midnight, Neptune rising in the East at a magnitude 7.81 to a magnitude 7.8. Shining in Aquarius for the past decade and will leave in the early 2020s to Pisces.

Uranus rises an hour or two later, shining at magnitude 5.84 to 5.83. Still in Pisces until 2019, which then it will be below Aries.


At 3:30 Am, the Waning Crescent Moon and Venus rise together near each other on Jul 20th to Jul 21st. Venus shines at Mag -3.92 to Mag -3.88, dimming a bit, but you probably won’t tell, it also goes more west through the week, but not much higher. The Moon will be a New Moon for Jul 22-24th, the Moon is a thin Waxing Crescent on Jul 25th


Also the moon gets quite close to the sun, about one or two degrees apart! this shows the upcoming Eclipse on August the 21st.

Use a solar filter, also Mars is currently in conjunction in the sun, and Mercury is lost in Evening Twilight.


Hope this helps! ask me in the comments if you want me to do more!


thanks to for the planetarium!


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