How To Build a Pig House!

Hello! Here is how to build a Pig Style House! IT EVEN HAS REAL PIGS! okay?

1. Get Your Blocks! You Need:

  • Multiple colors of wool, (NOT CLAY)
  • Multiple colors of glass blocks.
  • Wooden Door
  • Pink Carpets.


2. Make a line of pink wool that is 8 blocks long.


3. Look up an Img of a Pig or find a pig in the wilderness. Add 7 more strips of Pink Wool, Use black and white wool to make the eyes.

Make a 4×5 Outline with Pink Wool in the front of the face. Put two doors inside and black wool for smelling. Put pink wool on top of the doors like in the picture.2016-08-18_18.59.24

4. Add three more sides with ears for walls. This might take a while.


5. Make a pink wool roof and use stained pink glass around sea lanterns for light.


6. Make a pink wool floor! This shouldn’t be too hard!


7. Add the puny piggy body with a cute squiggly tail!


8. Turn its Ears into Windows!


9. Add Decor, Carpets, and some Fences to make Pens for Real Pigs, see I told you it would HAVE REAL LIFE PIGS! OINK. please pet them!


look how cute the REAL LIFE PIGS ARE! 


10. Last Step! Make a Pink Carpet strolling Outside, with Fences. Its a Tongue!


I’m feeding the REAL LIFE PIGS some carrots!


The REAL LIFE PIGS had a baby!


And we’re done! wait a minute, look in the window , those are REAL LIFE PIGS! hahaha!


Hope you build it! Bye!


P.S: i said REAL LIFE PIGS! 7 times now!


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