City Dashz out for Both Platforms!

Hello! We now have managed to get City Dashz out for Apple Devices too! 😀 It is sleek design for both pretty much! The app is free to play and very addicting! It is a very good time spender! XD Here is what people are saying! "It played well for a while" "This is cool. … Continue reading City Dashz out for Both Platforms!


The Tumbl3 App is released!

Well, a lot of time has passed, sorry about that! I was just very busy and forgot about this site! 😦   Anyway, first of all, like the title says, I've released my second game! Tumbl3!: The game where you get squished by boulders and buy characters! There are still bugs laying around as I did … Continue reading The Tumbl3 App is released!