The Tumbl3 App is released!

Well, a lot of time has passed, sorry about that! I was just very busy and forgot about this site! 😦


Anyway, first of all, like the title says, I’ve released my second game! Tumbl3!:


The game where you get squished by boulders and buy characters! There are still bugs laying around as I did release it pretty quick XD, But two things that (hopefully) will be added to the next version is Music (One for gameplay, One for menus) and Google Play Services!

The other thing is I’ve released City Dashz back in February (Actually, December but I had to re-release since I forgot a password, I sure learned my lesson :P)

The link is right here:

I haven’t had a chance to show off Tumbl3 yet in my Youtube channel, which you should obviously subscribe if you like Gaming, Tutorials and Coding!:


Anyway, great to see you guys again and I’m gonna try and do at least 1 – 2 posts a weeks and 1 -3 youtube videos a week! Let me know in the comments if you find any bugs in Tumbl3!


Bugs found:

  • Ad button text covers collision
  • You start off in the game

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