What’s next for The Kepler Bot?

So you may now heard of The Kepler Bot, as you saw in the header of my website or on discordbots.org. If not, then it’s basically a bot that displays a mining area in a text environment, nothing too special but still really cool.

I’m quite proud of the popularity the bot has gotten, even if it doesn’t offer nearly as much as other bots do. You’re probably wondering what you’ll expect in the next few weeks of development. So sit back, relax, and read this post on what you can expect! Most of this might be small features, but they should make you still excited πŸ˜€

More Voting Prizes!

Even though getting 100 experience is great, I’d like to add quite a few more options. I might add some crate randomizer thing, which there would be four crates, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary! Each crate will give out 5 possible prizes:

Common Crate – 40% chance

  • 50 Experience
  • 20 Gold + XP
  • 20 Iron + XP
  • 100 Stone
  • 30 Coal + XP

Uncommon Crate – 30% chance

  • 100 Experience
  • 25 Gold + XP
  • 30 Iron + XP
  • 10 Diamonds + XP
  • Go up a level

Rare Crate – 20% Chance

  • 250 Experience
  • 50 Gold + XP
  • 15 Diamonds + XP
  • 25 Diamonds + XP
  • Bonus Crate!

Legendary Crate – 10% Chance

  • Voting Pickaxe
  • 500 Experience
  • 1 Keplerium Ore + XP
  • 50 Diamonds + XP
  • Bonus Crate!

Those look like some nice crate selections. They’ll come real soon! Meanwhile keep voting at discordbots.org!

More Pickaxes

Even though the current pickaxes are nice, people may want more eventually as I saw someone get the diamond pickaxe almost in an instant, so I might add more pickaxes which will be harder to get.

  • Voting Pickaxe: 10% higher chances of gold, random ore than Diamond Pickaxe. You can win it from a Legendary Voting Crate, The chances are of getting one are actually 2%!
  • Donator Pickaxe: 15% higher chances of diamonds and random ore than the Diamond Pickaxe. You can get it by donating just one dollar to Kepler Teddy in the bot server or on my website! You also get twice the items!
  • Golden Pickaxe: Has Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone and Lapis. You need 60 Gold to craft this pickaxe
  • Redstone Pickaxe: Has Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis and Diamonds. You will find 20% more Redstone than before. You will need 60 Redstone to craft this pickaxe
  • Lapis Pickaxe: Has Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis and Diamonds. You will find 20% more Lapis than before. You will need 60 Lapis to craft this pickaxe
  • Keplerium Pickaxe: Has basically everything. Known as the Ultimate Pickaxe in a way. You will require 6 Keplerium ore to craft it.

More Ores

Redstone, Lapis and Keplerium ore will now be available! To find Redstone and Lapis, you will either need a Gold, Redstone, Lapis or Keplerium Pickaxe!

Redstone Ore will have a 5% Find Rate at normal. Redstone will be used to speed up wait times for Regenerating Land or the Mining wait time. There will be those two upgrades which have three tiers. The first tier will cost 60 Redstone, The second will cost 120, and the final will cost 240.

  • No Tier: 180 Regenland Time, 5 Second Mining Cooldown
  • First Tier: 150 Regenland Time, 4 Second Mining Cooldown
  • Second Tier: 120 Regenland Time, 3 Second Mining Cooldown
  • Final Tier: 90 Regenland Time, 2 Second Mining Cooldown

Lapis Lazuli Ore will have a 3% Find Rate at normal. Lapis will be used to put enchantments on your pickaxe. Each enchantment has 3 tiers.

  • Fortune I: 1-2 per Ore
  • Fortune II: 1-3 per Ore
  • Fortune III: 2-4 per Ore (The Fortune enchantments can be combined with the donator picks, possibly providing 4 times the ores!)
  • Luck I: 5% higher chance of ores
  • Luck II: 10% higher chance of ores
  • Luck III: 15% higher chance of ores
  • XP Boost I: 25% More XP
  • XP Boost II: 50% More XP
  • XP Boost III: 100% More XP

Keplerium Ore will be extra rare at a only 1/500 chance of finding, the other way you can get it if you win it in a Legendary Crate! You’ll need 6 Keplerium Ore to make the Keplerium Pickaxe! πŸ˜€

Updates to current features

  • Default wait time to mine again will be 5 seconds
  • kb!multimine recreate will become kb!multimine regenland
  • A timer for when you last voted will be added at the bottom of the voting link when you do kb!vote, the timer will be the amount you have to wait until you can vote again.
  • Voting will give you a crate instead of 100 Experience.
  • Timers for regenerating land will be in minutes:seconds form instead of just seconds.
  • Data will be put in a database
  • The bot will now display the servers or miners. It will switch every now and then.
  • Pickaxes you own will be stored in an array. But the pick: variable will still be there, now known as the current pickaxe held.
  • There will be more than one arena. There will be arenas for different pickaxes. You can only go to the higher arenas if you have that pickaxe. But you can go to the lower tier arenas if you wish. Random ore will still be present.
  • Arenas will hold a max up to 10 pickaxes. It will start with 0 arenas until a user creates one. The arenas pickaxe type will be the creators.
  • kb!craft will become kb!craft <pickaxe>

More Commands!

Plenty more commands will be added as well! Here are all the commands in their specific categories!

Mining Commands:


This opens up the crates that you earn from voting! Read more about the crates quite a bit above.

kb!multimine <arena number>

This changes the arena you are in, if that arena doesn’t exist it will set it to the last arena.

kb!pickaxe <pickaxe>

This will switch your pickaxe to whatever is specified.


This will list the upgrades you can get and how much they cost.

kb!upgrade <number of enchantment>

This will buy the enchantment specified. Otherwise it will let you know if that enchantment doesn’t exist or you don’t have enough.


This will give you a link to the donate page.

Simple Commands

kb!tictactoe <opponent>

Starts a tictactoe game with the opponent specified. Acts like a normal tic tac toe game. If someone gets three in a row, they win! And if they have a mining user. They can win 20 XP! If it’s a draw, they both win 10 XP. You can’t start another tic tac toe game if you are currently in one. And both users have to confirm. If one doesn’t confirm, then the game doesn’t start. If one person takes more than 3 minutes. Then the other player only wins 10 XP. You will have to wait 5 minutes before you can start another tic tac toe game. And you’ll only win XP for the first five games.

kb!tictactoe <x-axis 1-3> <y-axis 1-3>

Puts a marker on the position specified. It goes to the next person.

kb!choose [item1] [item2] [item3] (etc.)

Chooses an item that is provided.

Other Commands


Tells you the amount of servers The Kepler Bot is on.


Tells you the amount of users that have at least mined once.

That’s it for now! There will be more than on this page so stay tuned! πŸ˜€


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