Recreating Mitcoin!


Ah, Mitcoin, what a peaceful way to make mon- AHHHH THE GRAPH IS GOING DOWN, NOO, I WANT IT TO GO UP! Oh, sorry! Mitcoin isn’t all peaceful when the graph doesn’t want to do what you want! Say, how about I recreate this fascinating bot! I’d recommend watching the video first!

So what is Mitcoin? Well its like Bitcoin, but if you don’t know what that is, its where you can buy a currency or trade it in for money, but there is the Mitcoin to money conversion, which is a graph that has its ups and downs!

We can create it pretty easily with the noise function, and making it change every second, an interesting thing is the graph doesn’t change if you restart it, it will change if you reload the page, I could’ve tried using randomSeed, I also could’ve added a save code! Maybe I’ll do that right now!

You can play the project right here!

What fun! Thanks for reading!


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