The Top List

Ah, the top list, the list which every single program is on, except that it is sorted by votes, which means 99.99% of them are at the bottom! Anyway, the top list has had many achievements, and a page is 30 programs each, the first page of the top list hasn’t changed, let’s observe.

We can see that the top three were created in 2013 then a lot of them were 2014 and 2015, there is only one 2016, 2012 and 2017 programs, there are no 2018 programs… One more thing I want to show you is the future of the top list! šŸ˜€

The Top list one year from now, unless another program gets banned!

What do you think? Obviously, the list couldn’t be more wrong, as even though the time-frame of the survey was 81 days, which the programs got this much in that time-frame:

Khanemon: 252
Doodle Jump: 242
Minecraft: 229
Mini Putt: 182
Escape Plan: 114
Duck Life: 102
Lava: 97
I saw Her Standing: 93
Mario: 88
Planes: 84
The Legend Of Zelda: 76
Terra Magma: 70
Infinity Hall: 67
Planetoid: 63
FIFA: 63
Cubix 2: 62
Cut The Rope: 60
Its a Big World: 58
Crate Ninja: 58
Doodle Dodge: 55
Transcolors: 55
iPhone: 48
sphere: 40
Flappy Bird: 33
Falling Pixel: 33
Zombie Invasion: 32
Redball: 31
HuskyCraft: 11
Flappy Bird (Kevin23): 11

As you can see, some programs have gotten more attention than the others, for example, three of the top five are on the top five themselves while the other two are programs that people really like because of the time spent on them, while on the bottom, Like simple programs or another version of a program that is placed higher on the list so this program doesn’t get as much recognition, as people are more likely to pick the first one. The top list has changed a lot, as programs go up and down, the farther down you go, the more difference there is over the days because the vote count of those ones are more similar

I think that is it! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and YouTube as I’ll start recreating some programs! šŸ˜€Ā 


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