How To Build A Farmers House on minecraft!!!

Hello! Back again!

I’ll show you that i am professional!

Lets Start!:

First Row: you’ll need a 4×5 or 5×4 cobblestone border and dirt in the inside


Second Row:  wood on the corners and wood planks on the edges leave a spot for the door!

Third Row: wood on the corners and wood planks by each side of the wood not counting the door place, then put the glass panes in those spots.


Fourth Row: repeat Second Row. and add the door


Fifth Row!: wood facing you (above) on sides, none in corners


Sixth Row (hardest!) : wood in the inside. nothing outside.

TIP: add in the inside on the fifth row and stack them to

row six then go in the house and destroy the fifth layer inside.

after add stone stairs at the door.


Voila, Enjoy! a nice farmer house. In the next minecraft tutorial we will build a villager farmer farm. Hey! say this 5 times fast! “farmer farm!”. That’s All Folks 🙂


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