Are You, Scared of Creepers?

This is a Quiz People. You cannot say yes when you are actually scared! :-/


Let’s Begin!

1.If A Creeper Spawns in your House What do you do?

A. Kill It!

B. Push it out of your house.

C. move it into your basement(if you have one)and close it with iron trapdoors.

D. Make a new house somewhere else.

E. Sprint Forever!!!

2. When you are Mining and 1 creeper in front and 1 behind what do you do.

A. Get a diamond sword and kill them.

B. Ask another player to help

C. Dig straight down(only 50% chance of not falling into lava 🙂 )

D. Quit World

E. slash kill

3.If a 100 creepers are right behind you. What do you do?

A. Do the impossible

B. Climb a High Height and shoot them with enchanted arrows and bow

C,D. Run!

E. /kill

4.if a Creeper and a Enderman are beside you what do you do?

A. Fight

The Rest. Run.

Okay If you were mostly:

A. You are too brave for Creepers…

B. You can get them but a little scared.

C. You always need help. you cannot do it by your self.

D. You are in the Middle of the scale.

E. You are totally scared of Creepers!

If you want to. You can comment of what you were.

And remember minecraft fans, always be on the lookout.

I was a ‘B’ so I am a little scared but I can get them.

I like playing in Easy and Peaceful mode 🙂 😉


(all photos are from Google images in minecraft 😐 )

I am not a big fan of killing you know but I love exploring, building, mining and playing with non-griefs!


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