Saturn’s Conclusion

Hi Teddy is on his blog again YAY!

This time we will do something about space.

I saw Saturn was getting close to the sun so I wrote about it.

part 1

On the top left is Saturn getting closer to the Sun

and on the right second closest to the Sun is Venus.

part 2

Now Saturn is 1 degrees closer to the sun and split

that up and that’s the distance between Saturn

and Venus which is around 3 Degrees.

part 3

Now Saturn has Past Venus and headed Towards

The Sun.

part 4

Now Saturn is 2 degrees from the Sun and 6 degrees

From Venus.This is the conclusion the exciting part!

That’s it for today the next one about planets is about Jupiter

in January.

Keep your heads up the next post will be coming

sooner than you think!


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