Based on the sound of the title, commissions are opening! I’ll be designing different things! Please read everything so you understand!

Kepler's Commissions (OPEN!)
1$ - 3 Custom Emojis
2$ - Thumbnail/Logo
5$ - 20 Custom Emojis
10$ - Custom Intro or Outro
25$ - Branding (12 Emojis, Thumbnail, Logo, Intro and Outro)

Prices in CAD

You might be a little confused, here are some things I’d like to say.

  • First off, if I get a lot of commissions, I may raise the prices, get one before they go up!
  • Prices are in CAD as that is my natural currency.
  • I will only accept Paypal, send to “”.
  • You will have to pay first and then I will start working.
  • I will not accept followers as currency, even if you have a lot.
  • Certain things may take longer to create than others (Branding vs. some custom emojis, for example).

Info on the Custom Emojis:

  • I will not make NSFW emojis
  • You have to tell me what kinds of emojis (character, faces, etc.)
  • The “get 5 more emojis for free”, doesn’t mean you’d get 25 emojis, You’d get 5 more emojis paying the full 5$ instead of paying five 1$ seperately

Info on the Logo/Thumbnail Design:

  • You may have to provide certain assets (characters, background etc.)
  • No NSFW Thumbnails or Logos

Info on Intro or Outro:

  • No NSFW Intros or Outros
  • I will not put in any music that is copyrighted, you have to own it or use a free use song
  • I will not pick out Music for you as I don’t have the best taste.
  • You may have to provide certain assets.
  • Do note I’m still learning After Effects, but I’m pretty good at it! You can see my work by looking at my intros/outros on some of my newest videos (Not the newest though, because I decided not to put one in!)

Info on Branding:

  • Thumbnail, Logo, Custom Emojis and Intros/Outros rules are the same
  • You can decide if you want to take out something (Like an Outro or Custom Emojis), but it will not lower the price.
  • Buying Branding compared to everything else will save you 3$


Emojis that are in my official server:

Intro and Outro in this video (as well as thumbnails on my channel):

That should be all, do contact me on discord, or email me at “”