After the Mars Opposition

Now, say you are like me and you want to go and stargaze on the Mars Opposition, but oh no you can't because for say, you have work to do, or you have to collimate your telescope which will take some time, or your hanging with your friends or be doing camping (You can probably... Continue Reading →


November 2017 Planets!

Saturn is low with Mercury in the Evening, while the Dawn is the real show.

New Horizons: Pluto FlyBy

You've Probably Heard of it on the news but if you don't have cable (or a TV) you have come to right place astronomers! Β On July 14th 2015... New Horizons get very close to Pluto and sending back very good color images. Scientists now know that Pluto is RED! It has been 9 years since... Continue Reading →

Saturn Opposition

Teddy Again! since it has been 6 months πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜‰ Saturn has now reached its opposition already! Which means it rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. it should rise around mid 7pm or just after 6pm. Also Jupiter is getting farther from Earth. Here are the top stars and planets to see in... Continue Reading →

Saturn’s Conclusion

Hi Teddy is on his blog again YAY! This time we will do something about space. I saw Saturn was getting close to the sun so I wrote about it. On the top left is Saturn getting closer to the Sun and on the right second closest to the Sun is Venus. Now Saturn is... Continue Reading →

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