City Dashz out for Both Platforms!

Hello! We now have managed to get City Dashz out for Apple Devices too! 😀 It is sleek design for both pretty much! The app is free to play and very addicting! It is a very good time spender! XD Here is what people are saying! "It played well for a while" "This is cool.... Continue Reading →


City Dash: Update #1: Booting Up!

These are updates for my upcoming App: City Dash! I will answer some questions and add a few of my own!

Learn To Code: Part 1: Drawing

Hello! Welcome Back! If You want to do this, then go to: Khan Academy You May Need To Make a Khan Account First. Step 1: Making A New Program: First, Click Subjects and a Drop Down Bar Comes Down Holding Lots Of Things! Hover Over Computing and Click: Computer Programming. Now you will end up in... Continue Reading →

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