What is it like to code 24-Hour Minecraft?

Now, you are probably wondering on 24 Hour Minecraft. What are you adding next, are you really coding 24 hours straight and will you even finish it in the end? All questions answered here.   First off, What is being added next? Well, in the most recent second episode which you can watch here. I added AI,... Continue Reading →


City Dashz out for Both Platforms!

Hello! We now have managed to get City Dashz out for Apple Devices too! 😀 It is sleek design for both pretty much! The app is free to play and very addicting! It is a very good time spender! XD Here is what people are saying! "It played well for a while" "This is cool.... Continue Reading →

The Tumbl3 App is released!

Well, a lot of time has passed, sorry about that! I was just very busy and forgot about this site! 😦   Anyway, first of all, like the title says, I've released my second game! Tumbl3!: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KeplerTedStudios.Tumbl3 The game where you get squished by boulders and buy characters! There are still bugs laying around as I did... Continue Reading →

Learn To Code: Part 1: Drawing

Hello! Welcome Back! If You want to do this, then go to: Khan Academy You May Need To Make a Khan Account First. Step 1: Making A New Program: First, Click Subjects and a Drop Down Bar Comes Down Holding Lots Of Things! Hover Over Computing and Click: Computer Programming. Now you will end up in... Continue Reading →

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